Planner Peace: I Found it!!!

Planner Peace: I Found it!!! 

I am a proud owner of a Mini happy Planner that fits in every purse. It holds everything I need, information at my fingertips and only a page flip away! A little bit of history, when I was newly out of the Navy, I needed a pocket monthly planner. The dollar ones with the plastic cover? Yeah, those! I then bumped myself up to a larger monthly (purse size) to keep doctor appointments, craft get-togethers with friends and chores and part-time in retail. When I went full freelance, I purchased an Arc notebook (I had three blogs, an Etsy shop, a few clients that I did taxes and consulting for).  

Then enter the BIG Happy Planner! Everything and I means EVERYTHING, fit into that monster. With each stage of my life, a new planner was needed. Now, I’m glad to say, I’m no longer freelancing, running a shop and having a wonderful time writing and sharing the things that I know. My husband is getting ready to retire from the Navy, I have a wonderful 8-5 job. Lots of time for crafts, socializing, and did I mention writing?  

So, without further ado here is my current Mini Happy System. 

  • Wild & Free Mini Happy Planner: Home & Daily ‘Don’t Forget To’, Ideas, and Projects to organize.  
  • At the moment I’m using an updated vertical but will be switching to the Your Best Year Yet for my Food & Fitness Log, to stay on track 
  • Sassy Plans Mini Happy Planner: Craft, Blog and Nail Journal. This is where I keep craft coupons, writing contests, dues, and due dates, and follow up with Nail events. 
  • Folder for quick things to file later and pen holder. NEVER go ANYWHERE with your pen! 
  • Notes and blank paper for notes for larger ideas. Like grocery shopping or complicated craft ideas and checklists. 
  • Blog ideas, jots, and general schedule. 
  • Home Improvement, big purchases, debt payoffs, home wish lists (ex. New floors and product numbers), kids’ teacher info and phone numbers, etc.  
  • Story notes, so I won’t get lost in my novel. Character names, ages, major events that have/need to happen.  

Tips to find your planner peace: 
I could go on and on about how to narrow down your needs and list endless planners that might work for you, but our time is valuable so here a list of ideas to keep in mind. Also, this is something that can take time and a shit ton of money! 

  • What are you using a planner for? List your topics and ask yourself if you need separate planners or will everything fit nicely into one? To keep it simple: will you use it for business or pleasure? 
  • Planner style: vertical, horizontal, monthly, blank journal pages, discs, bound, book, DIY? It may take some time to figure out what you like. 
  • Taking it with you everywhere you go? Or is it staying home, in a safe place, away from dog drool and candy-coated fingers? Size does matter. 
  • Colorful or neutral?  

I hope this works for you and sorry for such a long post! 



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