April 2020 Goals

Hello April!

How does one set goals? Especially if one *clears throat* Is not self-disciplined or motivated? I have never been a goal setter or keeper, and frankly, I hate them. Just like resolutions, I feel like I set myself up for failure by overestimating my confidence. After following other writers, authors, and planners, I feel like I've come to an understanding of where to start and how to move forward.

The key? Start small and take baby steps.

A few things to keep in mind in case you think I'm moving a bit too slow:
  • I have a full-time job, and it's a great job, I genuinely enjoy it most days.
  • My human boys are 14 and 10. Although they may be video game obsessed, I have fun hanging out with them.
  • My 3 four-legged boys are, of course, not spoiled at all... yeah, right! They're spoiled. And attention keeps them alive.
  • Friends, between crafting circles and coffee, I find I wouldn't be who I am without them. They are an excellent source for bouncing ideas off and an excellent source of finding new authors to read.
  • The hubby. My alcohol supplier for weekend day drinking, editor for my short stories, and my driver to get things done. Mostly at a reasonable slower pace, but that is us.
  • Crafts. I cannot begin to tell you all the fantastic things I've thought up by making something. 
  • Home improvement, because if I'm living in the same house for the rest of my life, I want it to look good.  

Planning it out...

*The Witch's Crystal - Novel

Novel writing every Sunday night (at least I know I will be home) and determine the word count. I'm thinking of 1000 words or better to start. I promised my beta's to sent them one or more chapters by the end of the month. 

*Livin' Nerdy

Two to three months out, organize all ideas, and write them down. I want blog titles for at least four to six months. 

Draft all blog posts and take pics a month out from publishing. Refine posts over the next few weeks and schedule publishing as they are completed.

Monthly Newsletter - draft at the beginning of every month and fill in every Sunday with published blog posts. Sign up here if you want a monthly recap.

*Family & Health

One family outing a month, preferably camping, hiking, or biking. Trying to cut down on expenses for home improvement projects.

Workout five days a week, I have a great gym friend to motivate me. I eat healthy for the most part, but it's hard when I'm stuck at a desk... I bring fewer snacks. 

*Hobbies & Whatever

Still haven't found a way to organize them yet, except reading. I usually fit in 20-30 minutes of reading before bed. They are as follows:

  • sewing
  • BuJu (bullet journal)
  • scrapbooking & stamping
  • TV shows (great source of ideas), and I can fit these in while I craft.
  • home brewing
  • home improvement
  • Cricut Days
  • reading 
  • Color Street

Turns out, I'm a very busy person. I didn't even write down chores...oh well! 

If I can stick with this I'll reward myself with a trip to the ice cream isle, yum...

Stay Crafty!


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