Building My Author Platform

Researching Author Platforms

Let me tell you how exhausting and entertaining it was to find out what I needed for an author platform. To spare you the minute and long drawn details, I'm present to you a shorthand version of everything you need to start your journey!

I started blogging just to share what my family does, as you can see from the history it went nowhere.

Of course, I was still writing, and what I thought of as a short story became something much larger, and here I am! So I started using my current blog as a starting point for my author platform!

From everything I've gathered you need three things
  • a web site or blog
  • some sort of social media presence
  • an email newsletter

To further break this down, there are several options for websites you can utilize. I chose Blogger. I'm familiar with it; it's free and easy to use. There are others, and I suggest you look into what other authors say.

Website Platforms

  • &
  • Weebly
  • tumbler
  • Wix 

Social media

  • Facebook (although the following has gone down over the past years)
  • twitter (I haven't started mine yet)
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Email newsletter

I use Mail Chimp. It was the platform I used for my first blog years ago.
Constant Contact
Their other platforms out there, and I always suggest that you see what will work for you.

I hope I've helped in some way, until later #staycrafty, my friends!


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