Character Profiles Ep. 01

Too many character profile sheets, not enough time

There are soooo many character profile sheets and advice out there that I thought I would go insane, trying to get to know my creations. In the end, I decided on this more straightforward outline.

The following is how I hashed out my MC.


Name: Amabel (Bel) Annegrove

Sex: Female

Age: 28

Race/ethnicity/culture: Half breed race from ancient elves and humans. Her people were former explorers that lived close to dragons. Isel is a country of witches, and family is a priority one. It is also a warrior nation and vastly diverse with traders from all over the world. Exploration and knowledge are in their blood, and so her country often hires historians, scribes, and foreigners to teach the younger generation. 

Height: apx. 5’8”

Body type: Athletic

Appearance: Bronze skin with long thick black wavy hair. She has dark brown eyes and a dazzling smile that usually makes men weak. 

From: I don’t want to give too much information, so I will just say that Bel was born to a noble family in Isel, and she received all training necessary to her rank. 

Currently living: At the start of The Witch’s Crystal, she is traveling and doesn’t stake claim to any one place.

Magic/weapons: Amabel is a powerful witch, and in true Isel fashion is a warrior. She carries her sword, dagger, and arm shields.

Likes/dislikes: She enjoys learning, loves debating, and jokes. She hates being told what to do and is against needless death that comes with war. 


  • Family – Bel’s family is large and has a long history, so to keep this as short as possible, I will cover everyone that mentioned in the Witch’s Crystal, excluding some #spoilers!

Hasel & Maybel, father & mother

Azel & Habil, Older brother & younger sister

Alder & Isabel, uncle & Aunt (Alder and Hazel are twin brothers)

Basel, cousin (son of Alder) 

  • Friends
Kally is a new member of the council.

Zarek is the fourth most powerful witch in the book. He ranks after Amabel, then her father and uncle, Hasel, and Alder. Zarek is next in line to be the Head of the Council in Isel.

James, wizard, brother-in-law, married to Habil.

Capitan Torryn Vhen, under Amabel’s command.

Attractions & romance 

Attractions: Bel is attracted to men who can hold a conversation on magic and science. It turns her on.

Experience: Without giving too much away, she has had lovers in the past.

Romantic experience: Bel has been in love twice.


Skills: magic comes naturally to her. 

Occupation/School: Warrior Witch

Hobbies: Cooking and reading, debating


Introvert/extrovert: Complicated. She is an introvert at heart, but she sees this as a weakness and often goes out of her way to socialize and draws attention she does not want.

Right/left-brained: Left-brained. She can read and manipulate magic, has a keen understanding of science, and is great with magical theory. 

Strengths: Skilled fighter, determined.

Weaknesses: She has a short temper and does not like involving others while conducting magic, which can put her in danger.

Goals/Dreams: Breaking the curse, no matter what.

Fears: losing the people she loves. She would rather alienate her close allies than see them die.

Insecurities: appearing vulnerable and weak in front of anyone


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