My Writing Process

In the beginning,

During high school, when writing short stories, I fell into a trend of setting aside my first drafts and then picking them up later for editing. Lastly, showing them to my inner circle. None of my short stories made it past three pages.

The Witch's Crystal (a novel)

It started as a short story until it became evident that it wasn't after page fifteen...

I wrote everything down that came to mind. Ideas, dialog, scenes, character descriptions as they pop up. I was dumping them in the proper place. Thinking of it as an outline. Later, I would fill in all the blanks by using MS Word comments in the document.

Chapter breakdown. Finding the proper scene changes and determining when the POV changes are where I slip in the chapter heading.

I'm a list person, and I love crossing things off with highlighters. Taking all the comment place holders, I make a list. After writing the scene or dialog on the list, I insert it into it's home.

Trial & Error, what worked & what didn't

Using an outline does not work for me. I have tried the snowflake method, traditional outlining, and sticky note/index card puzzle. Even JK Rowling's notebook outline confused and disoriented me.

I had to stop writing many times because I couldn't get a feel for the flow of the story. It wasn't until I stopped trying to follow what other authors were doing and stuck with what worked best for me that I was able to move on. Thanks, Jenna!

On that end note, do whatever works for you!

#staycrafty, my friends!


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