Read to Write: When do I find the time to Read?

There is no such thing as not enough time. 

I love this saying. And I was guilty of it at some point in my life, but then I decided to MAKE time.

With a full-time job, going to the gym, a family, and other adult shinanigans when in the world, do I write, let alone take the time to read?

Reading is very closely linked to better writing. I don't need to conduct research to figure that out. Just as writing daily helps, reading can also boost your creativity. I'll have a whole series of book recommendations that taught me great lessons from character development to plot.

In answer to the question, how do I fit in reading? It's simple. I read before bed. I try to get in about 20-40 minutes of reading before 9pm.

I hope you enjoyed the short read. Until next time #staycrafty!


  1. I am bad about reading at night. If I get sucked into a novel I never go to sleep. Lately I have no time. Constantly Busy because of covid. My house is a crazy zone. I might need to read 30 mins in morning. That way I have no choice but to stop. 😁


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