Whatever Wednesday: My Top 8 Fave 90's Anime

Welcome to the first Whatever Wednesday!

Every Wednesday I will feature whatever I want. Because it's my blog 😏. 

Ah, the 90's!

A great time for the US, a rather hard one for Japan. But the creators at that moment came out with some really great series, below are my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

8. Ninja Scroll - ninjas, demons, ninja demons... who could ask for more?

7. Ghost in the Shell, I'm sure by now you've seen the live-action. But you're missing out if you haven't seen the original series and the accompany OVA's.

6. Wild Arms - Twilight Venom... I don't think I can adequately describe this series. Steampunk space cowboys? Yeah, that sounds right!

5. The Big O - I'm not usually a giant fighting robot fan but this reminds me of a Batman Case Closed Godzilla Steampunk kinda world.

4. Trigun - AWESOME! No other description given, except maybe space cowboys, you see a trend right?

3. Tenchi Muyo - Or any of the Tenchi films or shows, reverse harem with rabbit ships and some ancient magic. Sounds hilarious right?!

2. Cowboy Beebop - Space Cowboy Gangster Bounty Hunters, Ed is my favorite!

1. Yu Yu Hakusho - fighting, tournaments, fantastic character development, demons, and superhumans. Everything I love!


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