Whatever Wednesday: Why I Left the Happy Planner for a BuJu

Happy Hump Day & Welcome to Whatever Wednesdays!

For years I was a loyal Happy Planner girl, owning up to six different planners. Then life changed, we moved where the Navy took us, my jobs changed from active duty, to stay at home mom, to Etsy shop owner and blogger to freelancer.

Now we are looking forward to retirement, I have a nice 8-5 job, and I'm writing a fantasy novel.

A couple of months ago, I found planner peace with my beloved mini Happy Planner, but that was before I started writing the novel seriously.

I really needed everything on two pages. A weekly layout for daily reminders, blog notes, writing goals, healthy eating reminders, checklist and to throw in a motivational blurb. And most importantly, I wanted a different layout each week because I'm crafty like that!

A bullet journal would give me just that.

If you follow me on Instagram, I post my BuJu regularly. I could add a page to my blog as well if it's requested.

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#staycrafty, my friends! 


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