What's Your Flavor? Pairing Writing with Drinks

It's not all alcohol either, I swear! 

I find inspiration in many things. Music really gets me in the mood to move. Sitting outside with the fire going can feel inspiring. Tent camping is truly the best time for reading and plotting. But writing, writing takes a little more motivation. I have a hard time sitting still unless I have a drink in my hand or next to me. Then I tend to have a little more patience. With the chair and computer.

  • Coffee -Wakes me up. Period. I love how coffee warms my soul.
  • Tea - usually hot, research is key and I usually find that when I'm taking notes I'm sipping on black tea.
  • Beer - Fight scenes and arguments, things definitly get heated with booze. There may or may not be several climaxes in this story. Don't judge me yet!
  • Wine - I feel sophisticated and cool, I write better dialog. Or at least that's how I feel.Love is in the air? There is a love sub plot in my story, and sexual tension is a must for these two.

Side note: I do drink in moderation when I write because if I don't, I end up writing stuff in Elvish from Tolkein's world and then I have to delete the whole thing because none of it makes any sense. That and I'll gain weight.

Until next time, #staycrafty!


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