Where to Write? My Fave Spots

Where's the best place to write?

Rules for writing:

Custom dictates that you should sit at a desk at a certain height with your back straight and all that other jazz. But you know what? Most of the authors and writers I follow each have their own place or places along with their own unique style.

My favorite places for writing

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen me in my element with a laptop, drink, BuJu, pens, markers, and a comfy chair.

My theory is if you are comfortable and inspired, write wherever you want.
  • the back porch, don't mind the state of the porch
  • my babe cave, a.k.a. the office/craft/guest room
  • my bed
  • at the breakfast bar
  • in my cozy Wingback Chair, it will be getting an up-do later this year



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