April Recap & May Goals



Recapping April!

Livin' Nerdy - I'm behind. I procrastinated and I'm working hard to catch up. On the bright side our home improvements and animal enclosures are coming together.

The Witch's Crystal - After much research and some deep soul searching I will be working on my outline for the months of May and June. This will help to prevent plot holes and other discrepancies.

Fitness, what's that? COVID-19 has me grounded from the gym and I am not a self motivated individual.

Planning it out for May

*The Witch's Crystal - Novel

I'm gathering ideas for a new writing routine. Preferably in the morning before everyone gets up Something like this:
5am - coffee & computer
6am - gym time
6:30am - the kids get up

*Livin' Nerdy

As soon as I catch up on May I'll be working on June. I really want to work on the blog for one week out of a month.

Monthly Newsletter - draft at the beginning of every month and fill in every Sunday with published blog posts. Sign up here if you want a monthly recap.

*For fitness & other hobbies follow me on Instagram @devon.rg.clark

How do you plan out your month or week? I'm curious.

Stay Crafty!


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