Livin' Nerdy Quarterly Goals & Aspirations: Oct-Dec 2020

 October thru December 2020

It's been a hot minute since I've listed any goals, and while it may seem to others that to do this so far out might not be a good idea, it's always nice to have some perspective. Especially during the upcoming holiday season!

I like to think of advanced planning as an idea dump for things to focus on. Some tweaking may occur.


Ah! What to make? I should probably stop being lazy and actually send cards this year... or small gifts. 

Wreath for Christmas.

Car Decals (Jeep & Dodge)

Find and finish some other crafts.



WIP: The Witch's Crystal. Finish second draft. Completely. then move onto the editing stage.

The Royal Alchemist  or Alchemist & Sister short stories (title not final).

To NaNo, or not to NaNo? I could but where do I start? All details are in the Snippets & Spoilers newsletter.  


August read log will be posted soon. September's list is complete and I'm building up August's with mostly indie published works.

Read a minimum of 5 books each month.

Blog Posts & Livin' Nerdy News:

Plan, write, and post one blog article every other week (minimum) or so.

Home Improvement: finish master bedroom floors & order new bedroom furniture. 

Add Writer and Reader resources pages to Livin' Nerdy.

Some blog ideas: for Readers, finding out-of-print books, for Writers, links to AuthorTube, websites, and social media influencers who help with writing and marketing.


I think that when I get home from work I should either do a household chore or home improvement project. It's getting started that's the problem. I shouldn't jump on the laptop or social media right away. We'll see how this works out. 

Fitness, yeah. Sitting at a desk all day does not do well for my snacking. That has to stop, so I'm back to planning my meals and snacks. Fingers crossed I have the will power to resist the sweet stuff!

There are more ideas of course, but this is where I want to start my focus next month. You can sign up for the Livin' Nerdy News for more in depth monthly goal setting each month. 

Until next time #staycrafty


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