A Lister's Guide to Story Telling, Vol. 01, Overview

Lists are beautiful things.

I'm a huge fan of lists. To do's, purchasing, my day and activities. Even my planster writing falls into a list format. So imagine, if you will, that point in time where I move from short stories into a full novel and nowhere in the internet universe are a list of things to help me keep on track or stay focused. It helps with my ADD (attention deficit disorder).

So here I am, Plantober, with NaNo two weeks away. I'm flipping between 2nd draft editing on The Witch's Crystal (TWC) and prepping Dagger & Shield (DS). I don't know where I left off or where I am between the two. I needed a list, a new notebook, and some liquid motivation (coffee). 

*I have broken down my master list because I cannot stand long articles. I'm sure that there will be revisions along the way. This is only what I have compiled so far. Any and all suggestions are welcome*

This is my list as of October 2020

Tools I use:

  • The Series Bible from a fellow writer.
  • Just the Write Planner.
  • Timeline format from a fellow writer.
  • Disc bound notebook (I'll cover the sections later).
  • various pens and highlighters (because color).

The writing part, no particular order:

  • What happens? The main idea, beginning/ending.
  • Who is there? Characters.
  • Where is all this going down? Setting.
  • When is the shit hitting the fan?
  • How does the shit hit the fan?

1st editing and revision (2nd draft), this is where I'm currently sitting for TWC:

  • Critique partners and beta readers.
  • From everything that I've read, I think I'm going to do this step twice.


  • Self publishing,  send to copy writer, proof reader, cover designer, then publish.
  • Traditional publisher, send query letters.

This is all new to me so if I missed a step or if it looks like I left something out please let me know.

Thanks for reading and #staycrafty!



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