Books I've Read September 2020 & Killing that TBR Pile

That dreaded TBR stack is staring at you. Your friend is asking if you've finished the book he let you barrow, wondering if you made to 'that part' yet. What's a busy reader to do?!

Life happens, sometimes you're not motivated to sit and devote time to reading and that's okay. But if you really want to reduce that stack and return your friend's book you'll have to do something. 

Here are a few tips:

  • read a couple pages with your morning coffee/tea/juice, 
  • or set a timer for 5-10 or 20 minutes.
  • turn a couple of pages right before bed.
  • bring your book on your lunch break or when the kids are napping.
  • find it on audio book, there are some cheap alternatives out there, just ask Google.
  • learn how to speed read, there a ton of videos on YouTube to teach you how.

If you have any tips and tricks please share!

Books I've read this September:

~ The Time of Contempt by a. Sapkowski
~ On Basalik Station by David Weber

Thanks for stopping by and always #StayCrafty!


*images from Canva


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