My Plantober Guide for NaNo 2020

 Hey Peeps!

I'm super stressed, anxious, excited, and panicky about this upcoming NaNo. It took me a minute (about 1 month) to decide if I wanted to join in, and another hot second (2 weeks) to figure out what to write about. And I left that decision up to my Snippets & Spoilers subscribers. 

The verdict: Dagger & Shield

I won't go into too much detail about it, only that it covers the time of Amabel's disappearance right before the events of The Witch's Crystal.

Tools I'm using to stay organized:

My schedule:

  • 5-6am, writing The Witch's Crystal
  • 8-9pm, planning, info dumping 
  • 9-10pm, reading the latest & greatest

As I plan the draft for Dagger & Shield, I will also be participating in three October challenges, check them out on Instagram.

  • Fantasy Bookish Challenge
  • The Writer Community
  • Writers Favorite Prompts

What for are those words you speak?

NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writers Month (November)
Plantober - NaNo Prep Month October
Panster - flies by the seat of their pants & gets the story out (admire these people)
Planner - plans out practically every detail & knows what the f*ck is going on (kings & queens)
Planster - a little bit of panster & planner (me, totally lost most of the time)

Thanks for taking a look, until next time #staycrafty


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