November 2020 Brain Dump at Livin' Nerdy

 Hello November Peeps!

I've got nothing by the way. Just a list of stuff that is interesting to me and might not be to you. So please bare with me while I unload my ADD brain. 

  • Currently binging: Criminal Minds on Netflix
  • Anime of the Month: It's a toss up between Baki and Aggretsuko (I now, it's a total mash-up!). Did you see that there are more episodes of Dorohedoro!
  • Craft: I still can't get to my machines as half of our master bedroom is still in my cave. Right now I'm occupying my time with finding a goal planner/layout that isn't too restrictive and has a daily undated hourly with plenty of blank pages. So far I'm leaning toward the Daily Passion Planner. It's a little too bulky for my taste though. Open to recommendations! (Nothing coiled, please).
  • Home Improvement: Still working on the master bedroom, the floor is half finished and we haven't gotten the new furniture yet. 
  • Reading: Argent Blade by Luke Courtney and Key of Arcandus by Lauren Sefchik. Click on my Goodreads icon below or sign up for my Livin' Nerdy News or Snippets & Spoilers for the latest and greatest reads. As always I am open for suggestions on reading material. 

Week One Writing Goals: 

  • Make NaNo word for the week (that's 12,500 for Dagger & Shield)

Weekly Goals: November 2-8th

  • finish reading two books and leave reviews
  • make NaNo word count for the week on Dagger & Shield
  • send Snippets & Spoilers newsletter by Friday
  • Get chapter 5 of The Witch's Crystal to critique partner
  • connect more on Instagram
  • Self-care goal, walk dog and get in 10,000 steps a day.

Newsletter Updates:

  • Snippets & Spoilers are going to every other week
  • Livin' Nerdy News will be the second week of each month

Should I post my weekly goals for the entire month? Would you like an in depth look at my planners?

Until next time #StayCrafty


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